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Mariah Pierce: Athens Wedding Planner at We Tie The Knots

Mariah Pierce is a wedding and event planner serving Athens, Ga who loves setting a pretty table as much as she loves the adrenaline rush of tackling the toughest challenge. As a We Tie the Knots franchise owner, she combines these abilities to give clients beautiful, stress-free weddings, celebrations and events. Her quick thinking and determined personality keeps her up for anything while always having her client’s best interest at heart. She wants every couple to be excited about and enjoy the wedding planning process.

Mariah is an accidental but natural entrepreneur with over 15 years of event planning experience ranging from the most intimate and personal affairs to large corporate events to even larger public events. Her career in event planning began in the corporate world where she designed, facilitated and planned corporate events for Fortune 500 companies. This eventually led her to planning extremely large public events like concerts, sporting events and festivals while maintaining and managing an extensive staff. Through her experience with corporate and public events she discovered her unique ability to not only handle but thrive under pressure and adversity. Her clients never have to manage or feel stress because she embraces pressure!

Mariah has always had a flair for design and fashion, which truly shows through her wedding planning and coordination skills.

As a freelancer, she’s refined brand development for fashion accessory lines and contributed to several online fashion and lifestyle magazines. Because of her impeccable taste, she serves as the de facto personal shopper and beauty guru to friends and family. She loves a good trend but balances trend with classic style.

A few of Mariah’s favorite locations to work at in Athens are area landmarks like the Georgia Theatre, Taylor Grady House, the Classic Center and Last Resort Grill Provisions. She also enjoys newer venues like the Graduate Athens and Cotton Press.

Because we believe each bride is unique, we aim to provide a variety of wedding and event planning services! From our Month Of to Full Service Wedding Planning Services, we are here to serve every bride and her specific needs!

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  • Jessica H.

    We Tie the Knots and Mariah were great! They helped us get the vendors we needed and worked hard to stay within our budget. Very detail oriented and precise!

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  • Jeremy H.

    We Tie the Knots is one of best Wedding Planners in the marketplace! They are very professional, timely and the events they design and produce are flawless! Their staff is very courteous and helpful and always go the extra mile to make sure their couples feel well loved and looked after! I highly recommend We Tie The Knots!
  • Mary Martin

    I contacted Mariah towards the end of the wedding planning process when I realized I was overwhelmed coordinating with vendors and needed a third party person to help make sure the day went smoothly. I decided on the month of package, but she actually started about two months before the day of just to get more details and make sure I was on top of everything, which was really nice.

    I had done most of the work by the time I got her on board so I cannot speak to that part of the planning process but she really helped me out a lot by coordinating with the vendors and making sure I was okay thoughout. I decided I wanted to do assigned seating for my buffet style reception towards the end but got so overwhelmed by it that she ended up using my list and doing it for me the Thursday night before the wedding! I think she would have been willing to do whatever if I had asked even though it wasn't a part of our contract but I'm pretty OCD so did a lot myself.

    She did a great job making sure everyone was where they needed to be the day of and took all of my husband's and my stuff to our honeymoon suite. She also had a box of food from the reception waiting for us in the fridge!! That was amazing! She also made sure all of our stuff was accounted for, which I'm sure was hard because we had stuff scattered all around the resort. I even called her at 6am Sunday before we left for our flight to ask where my purse. Of course she knew.

    I would definitely recommend her. She's very nice, is up for anything and is so easy to work with. If she can do such a good job in that short amount of time I'm sure she will be great with 10 months!
  • Previous Bride

    From the very beginning and during the interview process, it was evident to me that Mariah was a solid professional, with exceptional communication and organizational ability. Due to budgeting (fortunate that my parents’ funded the event), I wasn’t sure if there was room for a planner, but after going back and forth with Mariah on package/pricing options, I was resolute that I would pay for Mariah’s services myself, if my parents didn’t agree to a planner. Over the 4-week plus vetting process, Mariah was consistent with her follow-up (but without being pushy), and was extremely patient with all of my many questions and requests. And something that I found especially impressive: Mariah was sensitive to my busy work schedule; I told her 1 time, and 1 time only, that Mondays and Tuesdays were difficult/deadline days for me, and I never heard from her on those days, or she referenced that she knew I was busy and not to worry about responding until I could. In considering all of the above before we finally moved forward, I knew that all of these qualities would translate to her dealings with vendors… and they did.
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