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How does a Mompreneur stay present in the moment?

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Being a ‘mompreneur’ is the most empowering task I have been trusted with. The reason I say ‘empowering’ is because I never knew I was capable of successfully juggling so many things at once. As an entrepreneur who offers one of the best franchise opportunities for women (if I do say so myself)—not to mention a new mom myself—life is busy.

When I can think to myself at the end of the day… I helped 8 other women on our team become better today than they were yesterday, I sent 185 emails in three hours, I talked at least one bride off the ledge, I put out 4 fires in the office, we thought of another innovative concept to implement in our business, I didn’t kill my two fur babies, I managed to keep my other baby happy and well, I had dinner on the table before 9pm, I was able to spend quality time with my husband and daughter before she went to bed, Oh and I got to take a shower?!

That’s a successful day, because moms can freakishly multitask.

I quickly thought I was Super-Mom. I was not noticing how run down I was and was no longer present in the moment. I was spending every possible second of the day thinking about work, or the next load of laundry I needed to do.

On Being a Balanced Mompreneur….

I quickly had to teach myself to either wear my mommy hat, or franchise entrepreneur hat. If I am home with my daughter and she’s not sleeping, I am fully engaged with her and I do not even feel guilty about it. If our nanny is at the house, I am fully engaged in work and figuring out ways to help other women accomplish these same dreams.

It is definitely possible to run a business and a household, but not within the same few minutes.

Moms feel guilty for taking time for themselves, but you shouldn’t. In order for you to successfully run a household you have to be physically and emotionally prepared. You have to think of going to get your nails done or decompressing at the gym, as something you are ultimately doing for your child or husband. If you are so mentally and physically drained, there is no way you are fully capable of spending quality time with your child and husband in a positive environment.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to decompress, take time for herself and engage with her family. If your husband or children are suffering from you never being present in the moment, you are going to regret it later down the road.

Every day I realize how thankful I am for this incredible opportunity to build a company and have the flexibility to be present in my daughter’s life, especially certain times she needs it most. That’s why it’s important to us that we provide opportunities for women, and moms, to have a dream job with flexibility, and why we started offering franchise opportunities for women.

I know not every mom is there yet, but I want to encourage you to position yourself to get there eventually. Continue bettering your career path and do not just stay comfortable because it pays the bills. You deserve it.



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Our Favorite 6 Etsy Shops!

Etsy is one of our favorite outlets to finding custom details for our brides!  Be sure to look through each of these below because some of them are offering an exclusive discount for our brides! We wanted to take a moment to feature some of our favorites and show our support to these individual start-up shops!

Shop name: The Butler’s Pantry Calligraphy

Danica, the shop owner, offers some of the most beautiful and unique calligraphy we’ve ever seen. She offers a variety of different font styles and even has a custom calligraphy stamp that you can order for various items. She also does calligraphy for place cards, table numbers, custom invitations, etc.

Shop name: Burlap Babe

A custom hanger with your soon-to-be last name on it is a wonderful way to add a special detail to your photos. Every wedding photographer will get a shot of your wedding gown hanging, and I promise a beautiful hanger makes all the difference. A lot of the time this is a detail that brides forget about until it’s too late.


Shop name: Liddabits

Liddabits has an endless selection of different customized banners, props, signage and much more to add some unique details to your wedding and even your photos.


Shop name: LoBoheme

Lo Boheme creates the most whimsical accessories for Brides. Their collection of headpieces will give you that pop of style to complete your wedding day look. They also create vintage and modern Garters, Shoe Clips, Belts and so much more.


Shop Name: Tux and Tulle

Tux and Tulle is the only custom necktie shop that will set your bridal party fashion apart from any other wedding. If style is important to you, ditch the rental ties and have them create a custom look just for your wedding!


Shop Name: Lilimandrill

Lilimandrill is a great place to create your own personal stamp to use for all of those fun details at your wedding. Weather you do a portrait, monogram or something else that communicates who you are as a couple, a Custom Stamp will add that special touch your guests will remember!

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