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We Tie The Knots opens office space to meet clients, come say Hello!

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Step Into My Office: Denver Wedding Planner, Christyn, shares how dreams came true when she opened their new Colorado office.

I have lived in the Wash Park area of Denver, Colorado for almost 8 years and just love this neighborhood! So when I co-founded We Tie The Knots with my sister in 2011, I began dreaming of opening a beautiful office to host clients for all of our wedding planning meetings. It was great being able to work from home the first few years, but as our company grew and my family grew, having to convert my home office to a nursery, I knew the time had come!

I searched high and low all over Denver for the perfect place for this wedding planner to call home! We had some specific needs that were not all being met at most of the places I saw. We wanted a great space to highlight our work that was comfortable and convenient for clients. I started driving laps around my Denver neighborhood hoping for the beam of light (think the christmas tree scene in Christmas Vacation) to reveal the perfect office space. I drove down South Pearl Street then turned right on E Ohio and out of the corner of my eye saw a flash of red. I paused and thought, “that might be a For Rent sign”! Threw my car in reverse and sure enough it was!

We moved into this delightful corner of shops on South Pearl Street in Wash Park in February and have had so much fun designing and decorating this space where we get to collaborate and  host so many wedding planning meetings. It really is a dream come true to open this office in a neighborhood I love and be able offer more Wedding Planning Jobs to amazing women as we continue to grow and have the opportunity to serve more couples as they plan their weddings!

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So if you are in the neighborhood, please stop by! We always have champagne and cookies on hand! And we are usually blasting some great tunes, randomly jumping up to “Shake it Off” and get the blood flowing after being glued to our computers for too long!

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Christyn Wilkins

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So You’re Engaged, Now What?

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In Georgia

 Before you rush to book a venue and that band you saw play at your sister’s friend’s wedding, pause and hire a wedding planner. Selecting a wedding planner should be your very first order of business for several reasons…

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Peace of mind. A full service wedding planner does more than create timelines and coordinate with vendors. An experienced planner will help you navigate through the entire planning process and will take on nearly all of the wedding planning responsibilities. The relationship you build with your wedding consultant will be a partnership designed to relieve you of stress while ensuring your big day is exactly as you have imagined. Your planner will advocate on your behalf and any interaction she/he has with others will be a reflection of you.

Budget management. Everyone has a budget. Spending it wisely on things that will make your wedding uniquely wonderful is crucial. If dancing the night away to an amazing band is your number one priority but you book a venue that consumes 75% of your budget, you will likely have to redesign the overall wedding experience, putting you in an undesirable situation. Before you put down any deposits, your wedding planner will work with you to create a customized line item budget based on your priorities, and industry standards, so that you do not end up sacrificing what is most important to you.

Vendor selection. Hiring vendors to provide services at your wedding is not something that should be done in haste or without guidance. Additionally, you should not set out to hire the least expensive person in the industry. Remember that you are investing in an experience. The primary objective should be to identify vendors who are within your budget, align with your personality and style, and will get the job done. Your wedding planner will make recommendations based on previous experience and knowledge of professionals in the industry. Recommendations are never made because a planner will receive a ‘kick back’. Professional planners abide by a strong code of ethics and are solely focused on what is in your best interest.

So you’ve hired a planner, now what? Enjoy every moment of this new adventure!



Suzanne White | North Fulton Georgia, Wedding Planner

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