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You’re engaged! This is such an exciting time, you ask your bridesmaids, find a venue and of course hire a wedding planner! In all the excitement you rush to get your highlights done because you can’t have roots in pictures. As you are getting your hair done the stylist says “why don’t I do your hair for the wedding?” Of course you agree because it is one less thing you have to worry about. The date is on the books and it is no longer a worry. However, you didn’t sign a contract or pay a deposit, you are trusting that the stylist will keep the date open.

As your wedding date approaches you have a trial run for hair and make-up, and everything is all coming together. The trial takes about two hours because you want everything to be perfect for your special day. Only then do you realize if the stylist takes two hours on your hair, then you don’t leave much time for the rest of your “squad.” The panic sets in, one person cannot handle that many people.

If there is one thing we have learned in the last decade from the Kardashian’s, it’s that your glam team is a top priority. Before you go and hire any stylist I have created a list of three key things to ask before you book your glam team.

  • Will you do a trail run before my wedding?

Why this is important? There is a good chance this will be the first time you meet them in person. You want to make sure you’re all on the same page about style, and if that hairstyle will work for your hair type. The same holds true for makeup. Make sure your chosen style looks flawless with your complexion. Expert Tip: Bring pictures of the looks you love (for you and your bridesmaids) and all the accessories you plan to wear the day of i.e. veil, headband, tiara.

  • Will you be the only stylist or will they have assistants?

Why this is important? If you have family members and bridesmaids that are planning on getting their hair done as well, it is best that the stylist has an assistant. This way the main stylist can focus on you and the assistant(s) can focus on your girls! No one will feel rushed and you can relax before the ceremony. There is nothing more overwhelming than feeling rushed on your wedding day.

  • Do you have any other appointments booked on my wedding date?

Why this is important? You want the team to be focused on you, and not their next appointment.  This will give you a feel of what their day will be like. If they have another appointment after yours, then they will not be able to stick around to make any last minute touches before you walk down the aisle. Their undivided attention and time will give you greater piece of mind should you smudge that perfect smokey eye.

By: Lindsay Lockhart

Franchise Owner / Wedding Planner

Dallas, TX

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