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Callie, an Atlanta based destination wedding planner, founded We Tie The Knots and specializes in luxury weddings.

Callie’s true passion is working with brides in creating an unforgettable experience and designing a truly unique wedding that perfectly reflects the couple’s personality.

Callie’s roots are in Atlanta where We Tie The Knots originated back in 2011 and since has become a very well established Atlanta and destination wedding planner.

She is specifically very passionate about planning weddings at Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC because that is where her and her husband married in 2012 and is up there numerous times a year. Another favorite wedding destination is Watercolor, Florida or anything along 30A as that is where their family’s second hometown is. She has become quite the expert of these quaint towns and given the frequency of being in these towns, considers herself as a part-time local.

Callie is also a mompreneur who is head over heels for her two kids and two fur babies. During the unusual COVID wedding season she also was able to launch a dream vision, Made To Party, an all-inclusive party collection eCommerce business. Made To Party has party themes for birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and much more!

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  • Adrienne Holland (

    Our wedding day would not have been what it was without the help of Callie and her team of awesome women. I worked with Callie for close to a year and a half planning our wedding and rehearsal dinner plus my bridal luncheon. It was overwhelming trying to select a planner at the very beginning, but after our initial phone conversation, I knew Callie was the way to go. She was easy to talk to, warm, and she even mentioned that decor details were her love language - so I knew we would make a great planning pair. Callie knows all of the ins and outs of wedding planning, she was always prompt and timely, she eliminated and managed any issues we had with vendors efficiently, and she is also skilled at managing family dynamics, which always plays a part in anyone's big day! I always, always felt in great hands with Callie which helped to take away any additional worry or stress that brides tend to experience. Any time I was worried about something or just needed to be reminded of a detail we had selected, Callie was there to answer my questions and put my worries to rest! But, it was not until the day of our wedding that I really got to see Callie and the rest of the We Tie the Knots team shine. They handled the flow of the day and evening with utmost professionalism and efficiency. They were always one step ahead, leading us to where we needed to be and helping in any way they could. Specifically after our ceremony, I became to feel faint and Callie made sure to find me a Sprite and some saltines while I had a moment! I would also like to include that Callie is incredibly knowledgeable in particular with Old Edwards Inn and is familiar with all of the ins and outs of their unique process. It was such a relief to have someone that had planned events at the venue many times before and understood the layout and operations of the area. I can say with fully certainty that the best choice we made for our wedding was Callie and we can never thank her enough for making our dream day come to life! It is amazing to see months of emails, preparation, hard work, conversations, back and forths, all coming together for an absolutely stunning evening. I fully recommend her and her team with no reservations whatsoever!
  • Hailey Cross (

    Callie was nothing short of a life saver! After firing my first wedding planner (from a completely different company) four months before my wedding, Callie truly came through....not only did she help "tie" up loose ends but when it came time to book certain vendors, she provided me with a range of options, rather than just sending me to the most notorious/expensive vendor in town. I explained to her off the bat that I did not want a "cookie cutter" type wedding, and that I am very practical when it comes to money, but definitely willing to splurge on certain things. So rather than asking me what my overall budget was for the wedding, she was so good about discussing my ballpark budget for EACH particular item throughout the planning process. After my experience with my previous wedding planner, it was such a breath of fresh air to hear from Callie MULTIPLE times throughout the week! She never left me hanging, was quick and thorough when it came to responding to my questions/concerns, and if nothing was urgent that particular week, she would just check in on me to see how I was doing! That's probably what I loved most about Callie....she made me feel like a person, not just another number. When I initially had my consultation with her over the phone, two things stuck out to me: #1. She spent OVER an hour with me on the phone just to ensure we would be a good fit! (but not to take the place of a more personal face-to-face meeting--we had that too) and #2. She mentioned that she does not commit to a crazy number of weddings per year for the sake of filling up her calendar-- she only commits to what she can handle, so that she can provide the best quality services, time and attention to each bride. Ok fast forward to wedding weekend-- she was a dream. Even though I was super behind on finishing last minute touches (DIY projects for a personal touch), Callie never showed a single bit of stress or made me feel pressed for time- she did just the opposite. She helped me feel calm, confident, and well....sane. In fact, as our wedding weekend approached, she could see how badly it was stressing me out and she offered to finish everything at her house the night before our wedding. While I'm on the topic of stress........just have to keep it real and throw this part in there for anyone who suffers from debilitating anxiety....I can only imagine how stressful it is for wedding planners to put up with brides on their wedding day in general-- then there's me 😂 Unfortunately all the stress from the past 12 months finally caught up to me on our wedding day, and while all of us girls were in the hotel room getting ready, I felt a panic attack coming on. Light headed, heart racing, tight chest, trembling hands. Cue Callie....She immediately fetched me my medication to help calm my nerves, then called down to room service and ordered me the most beautiful cheeseburger you've ever seen! Hahaha....she somehow knew exactly what I needed, and continued to lend that same support throughout the whole day. It didn't stop there though, even after all the festivities were over with, and the chaos settled down, she was a huge support, and helped us navigate some grievances we had with our caterer. We couldn't recommend Callie enough!
  • From

    Callie was amazing from the very beginning. When searching for a wedding planner, one of the biggest things was having immediate replies via email or phone. Some of the wedding planners I contacted didn't reply to my request for about a week! Callie replied immediately, which showed that she would be able to do that throughout the wedding planning process when certain things that are immediate come up. She proved that throughout our engagement, too!

    We had an outdoor ceremony planned, and the reception was going to be half indoor/outdoor on the porch and lawn. The only thing really that would be indoors would be the food and if certain guests wanted to go inside to cool off in the A/C, restroom, etc. However, it poured rain in the entire southeast that weekend and we had to install an emergancy back up plan. Thankfully, we had an indoor space -- but I had not planned for any decor or set up for that. Callie took care of it all and it looked AMAZING!! So many little things came up that had to be taken care of, that she knew exactly what to do! We also had issues with the owners of our venue being ridiculous and she handled that as well! Amazing!

    I thought I was a big planner and would have everything completely organized and ready to go. My husband and I are both engineers, so very precise about everything! There are just so many things that can come up expecially with the weather change. I would recommend her 150% without hesitation! Thank you for making our wedding day perfect!!!
  • Chandler Moses (

    Callie is absolutely wonderful! We had a huge wedding with SO MANY DETAILS and a lot of design, and she was a lifesaver! Everything went on so smoothly! I just relaxed and enjoyed the day. I never worried about a single thing (which is nearly impossible for me!). She really made me wedding so special, and I can never thank her enough!
  • Claire Hartrampf (

    Callie made the whole wedding process so smooth for me! She made sure everything was taken care and coordinated with vendors timely. She did everything to make my dream wedding come true! The best part was that she was readily accessible whenever I had any questions or concerns and always offered to come to meetings with vendors. Also, she is the sweetest human and made it so enjoyable to work with her!
  • Kristen Carruth (google review)

    Callie and her team were exceptional! She did a wonderful job of keeping everything on track, down to every small detail. Our wedding was in Highlands and she really knew a lot about the town and how to handle a destination wedding. The vendor choices she gave me were all terrific and my wedding turned out to be exactly what I wanted and more. We had not ONE thing go wrong the entire weekend. We could not have had such a wonderful wedding without her and her team. I will always be grateful to We Tie The Knots and I am SO SO glad I chose them for my wedding planner. I cannot say enough great things about them.
  • Dawn McNuaght (google review)

    My husband and I strongly recommend We Tie The Knots. Callie and her team did an amazing job with guiding us through every step of the way. She selected the perfect venders and stayed on top of every detail. Our wedding was everything we wished for and more!
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