Athens Wedding Review


From the very beginning and during the interview process, it was evident to me that Mariah was a solid professional, with exceptional communication and organizational ability. Due to budgeting (fortunate that my parents’ funded the event), I wasn’t sure if there was room for a planner, but after going back and forth with Mariah on package/pricing options, I was resolute that I would pay for Mariah’s services myself, if my parents didn’t agree to a planner. Over the 4-week plus vetting process, Mariah was consistent with her follow-up (but without being pushy), and was extremely patient with all of my many questions and requests. And something that I found especially impressive: Mariah was sensitive to my busy work schedule; I told her 1 time, and 1 time only, that Mondays and Tuesdays were difficult/deadline days for me, and I never heard from her on those days, or she referenced that she knew I was busy and not to worry about responding until I could. In considering all of the above before we finally moved forward, I knew that all of these qualities would translate to her dealings with vendors… and they did.