Author: Christyn Wilkins

My Original Wedding Date is Approaching, How should I handle that day!?

Your original wedding date is approaching and you have all the feels! What should you do!? Should you walk around your apartment in your wedding dress all day? We’ve got some great ideas to help you honor and celebrate that day while you look forward to the new wedding date where you will be celebrating with all your favorite people! 

First, check in with yourself and your partner as the date approaches. See how you are both feeling about it and give yourselves space for all the feels. Also take a moment to explore any expectations you may have going into that day and share those with your partner so you can get on the same page and enjoy the day together rather than feeling like one of you totally missed the mark! 

Treat yourself! 

You may still want to keep your wedding dress a surprise for the moment you get to walk down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean the corona uniform of athleisure wear should creep into your special day! So treat yourself, and buy an outfit that makes you feel really great! Go cute, go white and you could always wear it to one of your showers that will hopefully be rescheduled for you too! 

Food & Wine

Order in a fun dinner paired with your signature cocktail or the wine selections you had made for your wedding. Good food and drink can always lift your spirits and it’s a great excuse to fine tune some of the bar selections at your wedding!

Have your cake and eat it too! 

If you have selected a bakery, ask if they can make a mini cake for the two of you to enjoy! If you haven’t selected a bakery yet, many bakeries are offering virtual tastings where you can take a bunch of selections home to try. This would be a great day to try all the sweet desserts and maybe even get the face smash out of the way so you can skip that on wedding day haha! 

Smell the Roses

Talk to your florist about having some special flowers delivered that day! Maybe a petite bouquet that is similar to the one you had selected for your wedding. If you’ve had to postpone your wedding to a different season than your original wedding date, the floral selections may not be the same and asking your florist to make one for you on that day will give you a lovely chance to see that original vision come to life!

I Still Do! 

I imagine that a lot of couples have learned a thing or two about each other while navigating their first global pandemic together! For better or worse, I think this would be a great time to look at your vows. Sit down together and go through them line by line. They may mean more than ever now, or there may be things you want to add. The point is, while you may have to wait to say these vows in front of friends and family, today you can still honor your commitment to one another by affirming your love out loud!

Dance the Night Away! 

While at home, with no one to see, turn up the music and practice your first dance! Light some candles and make it a special moment for the two of you to connect. If you haven’t selected your first dance song, then tonight is a great night to try a few out! 

While you’re at it, put on those dancing shoes! We always advise our brides to break in their wedding day shoes, and what better way to spice up your day than a hot pair of heels dancing around the house! Grooms, this goes for you too! Breaking in those bad boys, scuff up the bottoms and get ready for the dance floor!

Strike A Pose

Last, why not document this day….I’m convinced our grandchildren will ask us to help them write papers about this one day when they are in school! Talk to your photographer and see if they would be available to photograph any of these special moments from a distance. We’ve seen many of our favorite photographers offer to drive by and get shots of you on the porch or patio, maybe sharing that picnic meal, cake or first dance! While this day may not hold the memories you thought it would, they will still be beautiful memories and stories for your children and grandchildren for years to come!

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Can an App replace your wedding planner?


Have you considered that your ‘Virtual Wedding Planner’ is not in your pocket on your wedding day?


I am a wedding planner. And as a wedding planner, I believe that a big part of my job is to help educate couples through their wedding planning process so that they have an enjoyable engagement and an amazing wedding. And right now I am seeing a frightening trend that I feel compelled to warn you about. It is a trend that you may believe will be convenient and save you money, but in fact, it will cost you more and leave you frustrated and disappointed on your wedding day.

There are a number of industry leading resource and inspiration websites that are claiming that they can be your wedding planner. They say that they are all you need, you are being mislead. Now you may think that I am biased because I am a wedding planner. You may think I’m just afraid they will steal business away from our company. That is not true and I want to share why I don’t believe a website or an app would be a good wedding planner.

Meet Jackie (not her real name), who moments before she is about to walk down the aisle has an officer of the court show up to her wedding to serve her soon to be husband papers from his ex girlfriend. Jackie made it down the aisle without stress because her real human wedding planner stepped in, handled the officer and made him sit through a 2 hour catholic ceremony before talking to my bride and groom on their special day…she didn’t even know he was there, thanks to my team and the groom handled it gracefully after the ceremony was complete.

Poor Mandy (not her real name), her brother was officiating her wedding and was so nervous that he started the ceremony before Mandy had even come down the aisle. Had it not been for our team waiving our arms in the background to get his attention, he might not have realized it until it was time to “kiss the bride”!

Here is a story about Sarah (not her real name) who’s actual human wedding planner showed up to start setting up for her dream day only to discover that the rental company had sent the wrong number of linens and there were not enough to cover all the tables that she wanted displayed. With a lot of creativity and actual human strength our team was able to redesign the space with what we had and she never knew the difference and most importantly never experienced an ounce of stress over because we handled it.

Meet Lucy (not her real name), who had always dreamed of an outdoor lakeside wedding but half an hour before her ceremony a mighty storm blew in and her real life wedding planner, along with a few strong men, picked up her fully decorated iron gazebo and moved it inside, through two small doors, so that she could have her garden feel sheltered from the storm…and no, there was no time to disassemble, move it appropriately and then reassemble. Lucy sent me a picture of our team moving this beast after her wedding say, “I had no idea what you all had to go through to make this happen for me, thank you!”

I could go on for days…and in fact I think I’m going to write a book of all the hilarious and yet almost catastrophic events that were dodged because a real human wedding planner was there, ready and equipped to save the day and eliminate any chance of stress on behalf of the couple or their families.

How can an app or a website even pretend to stand in and offer that same level of service? Will your app provide your vendors with a full electrical diagram for your private estate wedding? Will

your app call your chair rental company to say you have 10 last minute guest cancelations and get you a refund? Will your app alphabetize all of your escort cards when you run of of time?

A great wedding planner is not just a resource for finding vendors. Although we will help you do that. A great wedding planner is a person that you trust to come along side you as a couple to help you navigate the wild adventure of engagement. Your wedding planner is there to eliminate the stress of the unknown and uncover the joy of celebrating your new life together. And as he or she grows to understand your vision for your wedding, will assemble a team of vendors to execute your vision flawlessly, stepping in to handle any potential missteps so you never have to think or worry about it.

Until Dr. Ford leaves Westworld to create wedding planning robots, I really don’t see there being any substitute for the real thing!

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