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When it comes to planning your wedding, picking the venue is first decision you make. It can be overwhelming looking at different places and trying to narrow down the perfect spot to host your event.

It often helps to step back and look at it in a different way. Brides should sit down with their grooms and keep in mind that this is the first event you are hosting together. Let the space reflect both of your personalities and make sure you are both comfortable with the choice. To help you get started here are a few topics that we use at We Tie The Knots to help you find your perfect venue!

  1. How formal do you want the event to be?
  2. Is there a location or place that is meaningful to both of you?
  3. Do you want an outside wedding or inside wedding?
  4. Consider your guest count when selecting your venue.
  5. Do you prefer to be able to bring in your own alcohol?
  6. Consider parking or transportation for bridal party and guests.
  7. Consider your entertainment, if you want a band; make sure there is plenty of room for a stage. Or opt for a DJ that’s just a fun but doesn’t need as much room.
  8. Do you want the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at the same location?
  9. Do you prefer a venue with an in-house caterer or bring in your own?
  10. Does the venue have a food or beverage minimum?
  11. Ask what is included in the rental price, each venue is different with the items they include such as chairs, tables, linens, etc.

With the help of We Tie The Knots and these essential questions, we will get you thinking in the right direction. It’s fun to think outside the box too! Choosing the perfect venue will effect the rest of your planning so making sure it reflects you both as a couple is the best advice!


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While it is important for the bride to feel like a princess on her wedding day, let’s not forget about the groom standing at the altar waiting on you!

Grooms should also take the opportunity to look their best on this special day! Thankfully, there are a lot more options for grooms to look handsome on the day they get to marry their dream girl! We are finding a lot of grooms are mixing it up when it comes to tuxedos. Pairing a velvet jacket with tux pants gives a nice texture, and is perfect for winter weddings. If you are planning an outdoor wedding the guys will look great in tan or light grey suits. For more casual events groom and groomsmen are opting for tailored jeans and a nice jacket. For formal weddings I love the look of white dinner jackets and of course they can never go wrong with the classic black and white tuxedo. Pairing a brightly colored tie or bowtie can add a playful touch to your wedding party and will show off your groom’s personality.

Making sure the groom is comfortable and confident in his wedding day attire is an important detail that should not be overlooked! Also, making sure that you and your groom’s look are cohesive is important. Bride’s should never look more formal that their groom! Instead, the formality of your attire should match, this will ensure a picture perfect bride and groom!



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