About We Tie The Knots

We Tie The Knots is a luxury wedding planning company based in Colorado and Georgia, that is inspired to create and design unforgettable events so couples can experience and celebrate the beauty and vulnerability of this sacred commitment called marriage!

We were thrilled to found this company as sisters ( Callie and Christyn ) drawing from our southern roots to create a company that leverages our backgrounds and experiences to bridge the gap between the rich history of traditional weddings and the desire for modern personalization. 

We also set out with a clear vision for the core values that would allow us to offer an elevated client experience and truly set us a part.

First, we believe that the most successful client relationships are ones built on trust that assumes reliability and integrity! We are working tirelessly to anticipate our clients’ needs and desires before they even realize them. When that level of trust is accomplished, it allows our clients to relax, enjoy the process and focus on being present while we do all the heavy lifting.

We value relationships and we are committed to making people feel seen and known, celebrated and respected! This is true for our company culture as well as the way we approach our clients, their families and all of our amazing vendor partners.

We believe it is critical to embody a calm professionalism that draws from our experience to put out fires while not catching on fire ourselves!! Because let’s be real, if the wedding planner is stressed, everyone starts to panic!

We love our families, and yours. For us to stay at the top of our game in providing our clients with most luxurious experience, we must create space and hold boundaries that encourage our own families to thrive. We are equally passionate about seeing your families thrive in this process and often find ourselves facilitating moments for important communication so that everyone feels seen and known, celebrated and respected!

Lastly, we really value fun! At the end of the day we are planning parties and that is the most fun thing we could imagine. We love the opportunity to delight and inspire our clients and their guest at every turn in these important life celebrations!

We can’t wait to hear more about you and how we can come along side you in this amazing season of life! We invite you to watch more to learn about us.

  • -As Wedding Consultants, what’s your favorite part of the wedding day?

    Experiencing the ceremony. The entire day is so action-packed and nonstop all up until the ceremony is about to begin, and then it’s like all of the sudden time stops. The bride realizes this is finally the moment she gets to marry the man of her dreams. The other amazing part is getting to hear a sermon on marriage every weekend and reliving that excitement from our own wedding day. It’s so refreshing to stop in the middle of a chaotic day and just remember the real meaning of marriage.

    If we get to pick multiple favorites… we also must add the excitement of when the bride sees the reception for the first time. She has put so much thought, energy and money into making everything look beautiful and then all the sudden those details come to life! It’s priceless and reminds us every time why we love doing what we do.

  • -What inspired you to start a wedding planning company?

    We must admit, our mom’s over the top birthday parties she threw for us every year was the start of it all! She set the bar high, and from then on we have always expected every party to have an extravagant theme, activities, decor, etc.
    We also wouldn’t be where we are at without our dad. We got every ounce of his “entrepreneur” mindset and drive to be successful at whatever we do. We have looked up to him in many ways and he has provided great insight throughout our entire career.

    Being raised in the south, we found our passions of hospitality, creativity and entertaining come to life in the Wedding Industry and so WTTK was born to pursue these passions with couples and help them create unforgettable events!

    At We Tie The Knots, we love to celebrate because celebrations live in the ideal. It’s the perfect moment, with those you love, surrounded by your favorite music, indulging in choice eats and drinks, wearing that flawless outfit…this is where memories are made… where everything comes together to touch all your senses and leave you feeling like you’ve been swept away in the most delightful dream.

  • -What is a hobby that the two of you share?

    We might have a slight obsession with our German Shepherd Dogs… We can try to begin explaining the family tree of our dogs, but you may think we are more obsessed with dogs than weddings. Let’s just say.. Christyn has the grandma dog of them all, Callie has the daughter to Christyn’s dog… and Christyn has a second dog which is the daughter to Callie’s dog. Anyways, we love GSD’s and we are also very competitive and decided to take up Dog Agility as a hobby. We love how our dogs make us stay active and take those breaks throughout the day to get fresh air..

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